GermfreeGermfree Laboratories has been manufacturing Class III Biological Safety Cabinets since 1962. The product line was expanded in 1975 to include Class II Biological Safety Cabinets.

The current product line includes mobile and modular laboratories customised for the global market, as well as pharmacy isolators, aerobiology equipment and containment systems for safe handling of chemical, biological and radioactive materials in the lab and in the field.

Germfree has demonstrated national and international expertise in developing mobile, modular, and container laboratories for a wide variety of applications. The project team at Germfree includes design, electrical, and mechanical engineers, as well as an industrial hygienist. These experts work cooperatively with the client’s biosafety officer, consultants, and principal investigators on every step of the design, manufacturing, and installation process to ensure that the safest, most comfortable and efficient work area is ultimately achieved.

Germfree is a sponsor of professional associations, such as the American Biological Safety Association, the Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand, the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, and the American Glovebox Society. Germfree also participated in the International Biorisk Standard Development Initiative, CEN Workshop 31, developing the Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard for the European Union.

Product Range:

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