Kuhner ShakerKuhner is undoubtedly the world’s best shaking incubator. Whether working with a small bench top shaker or the largest industrial system, the quality remains the same.
All Kuhner shakers offer unrivalled reliability, optimal temperature, CO2 and humidity control and ideal cultivation conditions.

The direct drive specially developed by Kuhner, combines uniform, reliable performance with low noise and low energy consumption and is unique in allowing the shaking motion/diameter to be easily changed in the lab.

Each parameter has its own controller which is user-friendly and can be read at a glance.

Kuhner incubator shakers are very robust and durable with all stainless steel interiors. Highly efficient insulation guarantees homogenous temperature distribution as well as reproducible cultivation results.
Equipment options, a wide range of accessories and diverse add-ons create an ever increasing number of application possibilities for Kuhner shakers.

Product Range:

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