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Buy more for less with big discounts on our demonstrator range

Enjoy savings of up to 50% on our range of demonstrator lab equipment.*

We have lots of stock which is in good working order, but which can’t be sold as new. This is your opportunity to pick up some new lab equipment including fridges, freezers, incubators, homogenisers and centrifuges at heavily discounted prices.

Download our PDF price guide below for a complete breakdown of available discount equipment.

*Valid until sold. Prices ex. GST and delivery/installation. More details and photographs available on request. Quoted warranty covers parts: labour or transit, if required, not included.

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Do more and spend less with Ohaus bundles

Simplify your selection process and enjoy massive savings with OHAUS
centrifuge and rotor bundles!*

Featuring combinations designed around specific centrifugation applications, from high speed to cell culture to microplate, OHAUS has the right centrifuge and rotor packages to help you Do More in your laboratory.

Offer valid until 31 December 2021. Prices exclude local delivery.

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The new Ohaus FC5916 isn’t just a centrifuge,
it’s your indispensable new lab partner

Introducing Ohaus’ most powerful, reliable, and adaptable centrifuge yet.

The FC5916 is smart, intuitive, and endlessly capable. Compatible with 14 optional rotors and 75 accessories, it can be customised to implement seamlessly with your lab workflow, and enhance efficiency through innovative, intelligent design.

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Celebrate the newest Kuhner shaker family member and win!

Kelvin+, the newest Kuhner shaker family member, is looking for a job at YOUR laboratory!

Kelvin+ is ready to start its laboratory career and is open to move to any country in the world. Would Kelvin+ make a great member for your team?
To celebrate the launch of the new Kelvin+ Shaker, Kuhner are giving away an LS-Z with Kelvin+ and tray worth over $20,000 including a 5 year warranty.

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Enjoy specials on a range of our Omni products

Enjoy extended warranties and big discounts on our range of Omni bead mills and homogenisers.

Omni International is ‘The Homogeniser Company’. For over 60 years Omni has led the world in homogeniser technology, from rotor/stators, to ultrasonics and bead mills.

For the rest of the year, Capella Science is offering extended warranties on Omni BR24E bead mills and Tissue Homogeniser kits and special pricing on 2mL bead kits.

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Introductory offer on Equitec ULT Freezers

Celebrate Equitec’s new range with a range of special prices.

We’re celebrating the launch of Equitec’s new ULT freezers featuring dual-independent Auto-cascade compressor systems with a special introductory offer. Act now and enjoy special prices on racks, boxes & tubes.

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Liquid Nitrogen Bio Banking with Statebourne Cryogenics

Statebourne Cryogenics

Statebourne Cryogenics offer a comprehensive range of cryogenic equipment, including liquid storage systems and biological sample storage, ranging in size from 300 samples to 100,000 samples.

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Get 25% off RRP these selected Tenak racks!

Deal valid until August 31. Delivery and GST excluded.
Quote WEBSITE on your order to receive the special pricing.

Racks for chest freezers, 50mm and 75mm boxes

Code Box Size Configuration (Highx Deep) Total boxes RRP Sale price
TE21454 50 Classic Chest 11 high 11 $135 $101
TE21456 50 Classic Chest 12 high 12 $139 $104
TE21478 50 Classic Chest 13 high 13 $145 $109
TE21430 50 Classic Chest 14 high 14 $149 $111
TE21432 50 Classic Chest 15 high 15 $157 $117
TE24514 50 Comfort Chest 11 high 11 $163 $123
TE24516 50 Comfort Chest 12 high 12 $169 $127
TE24518 50 Comfort Chest 13 high 13 $175 $131
TE24520 50 Comfort Chest 14 high 14 $179 $134
TE24522 50 Comfort Chest 15 high 15 $185 $139

Racks for upright freezers, 50mm and 75mm boxes

Code Box Size Configuration (Highx Deep) Total boxes RRP Sale price
TE23132 50 Standard Upright, 4×4 16 $170 $127
TE23134 50 Standard Upright, 5×4 20 $175 $131
TE23136 50 Standard Upright, 6×4 24 $205 $154
TE23182 75 Standard Upright, 3×4 12 $165 $124
TE23184 75 Standard Upright, 4×4 16 $185 $139
TE24232 50 Comfort Upright, 4×4 16 $285 $214
TE24234 50 Comfort Upright, 5×4 20 $295 $221
TE24252 50 Comfort Upright, 4×5 20 $318 $238
TE24254 50 Comfort Upright, 5×5 25 $335 $251
TE24274 75 Comfort Upright, 3×4 12 $297 $223
TE24276 75 Comfort Upright, 4×4 16 $315 $236

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NOTE: ‘Classic’ chest racks have the standard locking rod configuration

‘Comfort’ chest racks spring-loaded box holders for convenience and ease of access: no locking rod

‘Standard’ upright racks have traditional side-loading configuration

‘Comfort’ upright racks have sliding shelvees for convenience and OH&S benefits

Get a QuadFuge Microplate Centrifuge Free!

Take advantage of this limited-time offer now: purchase a CivicCycler before 31st December 2018 and receive a QuadFuge plate spinner centrifuge for FREE!

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Download the Capella Agency Guide

A comprehensive guide to our range.

Download the Capella Science Agency Guide and view the full list of our agency partners along with the complete range of the product categories we offer.

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The Space Race is Over. You Win!

Increase your freezer capacity by up to 80%

Tenak’s space-saving inventory gives you massive increases in your freezer storage capacity and drastic reductions in price per sample stored.

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Rapid screening, identification, and isolation of rare cell variants

Cyto-Mine®: The Single Cell Analysis & Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine® is the next generation platform that will transform biopharmaceutical discovery and cell line development workflows. It is specifically designed to automatically perform:

  • high-throughput single cell encapsulation
  • incubation then protein secretion assays
  • rapid cell sorting
  • dispensing of ‘hit’ single cells into individual
    wells of 96- or 384-well MTPs
  • imaging and monoclonality verification

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