Product Range for Pharmaceutical

Alkaline Hydrolysis Tissue Digesters

Effluent Decontamination System

Cleanroom Lifters

Glove Bags

Flexible Film Isolators

Flexible Film Cleanroom

Aseptic Isolators – soloMAX

Stationary Measurement Technology

Thermal Imager – Testo 875

Testo Saveris™ Measurement Data Monitoring System

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Mini Data Logger Temperature – Testo 174T

Masticator – Lab Blender

Spin Air – Air Sampler

LS-X (Lab-Shaker) – Sturdy bench top shaker with load capacity up to 25kg

SB50-X (OrbShake) – Orbital shaken bioreactor for disposable bags

Analytical Balances (Semi-micro)