Capella Science are proud to present a purified water solution designed to meet your laboratory purified water needs. Wasserlab’s innovative ‘Autwomatic Plus 1+2’ can produce and dispense three purified water qualities from tap water from a single source:

  • Ultrapure Water (Type I)
  • Pure Water (Type II)
  • Osmotised Water (Type III)

Directly connected to tap water, this system embodies cutting-edge technology for purified water production and quality control. Tailored for various laboratory applications, Autwomatic Plus 1+2 offers two versions for Ultrapure Water (Type I), and Pure Water (Type II) ensuring seamless integration into your laboratory workflow.

Ultrapure Water (Type I) versions:

GR Version: Equipped with photo-oxidation lamp for organic matter reduction.

GR UF Version: Includes ultrafiltration module for bacteria, pyrogens, and nucleases removal, suitable for molecular biology, cell culture, PCR, DNA sequencing applications.

Pure Water (Type II) versions:

3 l/h for an estimated consumption of 30 litres/day

5 l/h for an estimated consumption of 50 litres/day

10 l/h for an estimated consumption of 100 litres/day

By storing the Osmotised Water in a pressurised tank, Autwomatic Plus 1+2 dispenses Type II water freshly produced with optimum quality minimising contamination risks. Unlike other purification systems that store the final Type II water with the consequent risk of deterioration, this system bypasses ionic and microbiological contamination that can occur in stored water. Benefit from dispensing Osmotised Water from 10, 30 and 50 litre pressurised tanks.  If a larger water storage volume is required, several tanks can be connected in series. This exclusive approach eliminates water production flow rate bottlenecks inherent in conventional reverse osmosis systems, enabling direct Osmotised water dispensation from this same pressurised tank.

Autwomatic Plus 1+2 advantages:

  • Longevity and minimal maintenance costs
  • Advanced software for purification parameters and dispensation modes
  • Flexible placement of water storage tank and water production system
  • Competitive operational costs optimise laboratory investment

Contact Capella Science (02) 9575 7512 or to experience the future of laboratory water purification with the Wasserlab Autwomatic Plus 1+2 system today.