Capella Science and OHAUS are proud to announce the complete range of OHAUS Guardian™ Hotplate-Stirrers, Hotplates and Stirrers designed with outstanding safety and superior performance in mind. Featuring OHAUS SMART technology, the OHAUS Guardian™ Series protects with advanced safety features. Designed with superior heating and stirring performance, the Guardian™ 7000, 5000, 3000, and 2000 Series Hotplate-Stirrers, Hotplates & Stirrers maximise durability, affordability, and performance. The bright LCD screen displays temperature, speed and *time, and a green indicator light when the unit is heating and stirring.

What differentiates OHAUS Guardian™ Hotplate-Stirrers?


Provides long-range user detection for improving safety when using the heating function.


Detects when a user is nearby and safely turns off the heating function when no one is detected.


Allows users to control the maximum temperature, preventing overheating of sensitive samples.


Industry leading internal protection system assures safety in heating applications with dual monitoring of system health.


Allows users to safeguard sensitive applications with precise control of temperature and speed ramp rates.


Ensures that every Guardian™ Hotplate Stirrer is consistently safe to use at high temperature settings by remaining cool to the touch. The innovative design is easy to clean, and channels spills away from the internal components, as well as being constructed from a chemical resistant material for long-term use in the laboratory.

(*in the Guardian 7000 Series only, **in the Guardian 5000/7000 Series only)

Follow this link, download a brochure, or contact Capella Science directly on (02) 9575 7512 or to find out more.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in diagnostic procedures.