Elevate your Waterbath experience with Bath Armor™, the thermally efficient pellets that revolutionise usage of water in an unstirred waterbath. Crafted for versatility, Bath Armor™ securely holds vessels of various sizes in place without the need for racks.  Experience the benefits of Bath Armor™ as it virtually eliminates waterbath cleaning and prevents the unstirred waterbath from drying out. With its smooth, rounded surface, Bath Armor™ ensures moisture and gas impermeability while offering high thermal conductivity.

Designed specifically for unstirred water baths, Bath Armor™ presents a solution that maintains optimal conditions without evaporation. Say goodbye to concerns about waterborne contamination as Bath Armor™ ensures a hygienic environment. Bath Armor’s washable and sterilisable nature guarantees easy maintenance and cleanliness. Its exceptional thermal heat distribution ensures precise temperature regulation in your waterbath.

Key Features of Bath Armor™ for Unstirred Waterbaths:

  • Designed to be compatible with unstirred temperature control waterbaths
  • Moisture and gas impermeable, high thermal conductivity, smooth and round
  • Capable of securely holding a variety of sized vessels in place
  • Washable, sterilisable and eradicates waterborne contamination
  • Promotes environmental sustainability by reducing water consumption and improving energy efficiency

Upgrade your unstirred waterbath experience with Bath Armor™ and enjoy enhanced compatibility, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

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