Microbiological sample processing plays a pivotal role in the realm of food processing. Before analysis, food samples undergo homogenisation to obtain a liquid sample, facilitating the identification of proteins, cells, pathogens and more.

IUL’s Masticator paddle blenders enable thorough homogenisation of samples while isolating them from any contamination using sterile disposable bags. This ensures thorough homogenisation while safeguarding samples from potential contamination. The Masticator’s high quality durable motors ensure safe and efficient homogenisation that is cross-contamination-free. The Masticator blenders disperse samples inside sterile bags with paddles that drive a masticating action while moving the sample from side to side. This key step in sample preparation ensures homogenous distribution of microorganisms throughout the diluent.

IUL’s sterile bags are exclusively designed to avoid cross contamination and to obtain a representative sample. In addition to sterility, different bag sizes are available for larger or smaller sample volumes and with or without filter.

Key Masticator features include:

  • No sample cross contamination through the utilisation of sterile disposable bags
  • High quality and durability withstanding most challenging blending procedures
  • Ease of use, minimal maintenance and clean effortlessly by fully removing the front door

IUL offers a diverse range of Masticators tailored to your microbiological food sample homogenisation needs. These include customisable timing for homogenisation, a panoramic sampling view for visualising the sample preparation process through methacrylate doors, and the availability to adjust the number of paddles per second according to the sample type. Moreover, IUL’s Masticators cater to a wide range of sampling volumes from 20mls to 3500mls. Several Masticator models encompass a wide array of possibilities. Post homogenisation food laboratories can utilize IUL’s Eddy Jet 2W Spiral Plater to reduce the number of plates processed, offering a threefold decimal dilution counting range in a single plate and thereafter post incubation automatic colony counting with IUL’s SphereFlash®. For further details on the range of IUL Masticators contact Capella Science on (02) 9575 7512 or email sales@capellascience.com.au.