The Kuhner AerationSystem revolutionises cell culture processes. If you’re working with a small capacity shaking incubator focused solely on temperature control, and you desire to introduce humidification and controlled gas composition to your cell cultivations, look no further!

The synergy of Kuhner’s FlowCon and AerationSystem opens new possibilities by empowering users to conduct shake flask cultivations within incubator shakers devoid of humidity and temperature and CO2 control. The FlowCon delivers precise gas composition and flow rates. Simultaneously, the AerationSystem composed of GasDivider and AerationCaps, plays a pivotal role by evenly distributing humidified gas flow to interconnected shake flasks. As the GasDivider resides on the shaking tray, it perfectly aligns with the cultivation temperature. These shake flasks can be seamlessly connected using AerationCaps to various flask types, including glass Erlenmeyer flasks and baffled flasks. This dual action not only mitigates significant evaporation losses but also stabilises media pH proving particularly advantages for lengthy cultivation durations, such as those encountered in cell culture processes.

Moreover, with FlowCon’s ability to manage the chemical composition of the air inlet, you can fine tune not only CO2 supplementation but also O2 reduction or even the introduction of hypoxic conditions using N2. This level gas composition control facilitates a multitude of applications, including stem cell processes requiring a 5% O2 physiological concentration or anaerobic cultivations within a N2 atmosphere.

Importantly, even when the incubator door opens, the gas composition within interconnected shake flasks remains unaffected. Elevate your cell cultivations with the Kuhner AerationSystem for superior control and efficiency in successful cultivations.

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