ATMS Dynamic Culture System is a Mechanical Stimulation Microelements System (MSMS). This system bridges the in-vivo, in-vitro gap by mimicing the in-vivo microenvironment at the cellular level, applying mechanical stimulation, stretching or compression in disease modelling, stem cell and drug screening research applications. ATMS is a fast and easy way to replicate physiological and pathological conditions and accelerate preliminary data tailored to your specific research requirement.

Uniquely positioned this all-in-one system, stretches, compresses, small, large PDMS, biomaterials, tissues, 2D or 3D biopsies. 3D organ creation through PDMS coating with extracellular matrix or by bioprinting the desired scaffold, compressed or stretched at specific speed, mimicking an in-vivo environment. Evaluate your research in-vitro before in-vivo to save time and money.

Affordable, the ATMS Dynamic Culture System can be used for material QC. Innovatively, workflow combines with microscope, CO2 incubator & hypoxia workstation. Research areas include skin, bone, brain, heart, kidney, hydrogels, microfluidics, tissue engineering, mechanotransduction, regenerative medicine, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell research.

RUO ‘research use only’/not for diagnostic use. Discover more on the Taihoya ATMS Dynamic Culture System, or contact Capella Science (02) 9575 7512 or