In Denmark, they know how to handle the cold…
Tenak is the most innovative supplier of cold storage inventory systems in the market.
In addition to all the quality racks and boxes for freezers shown on the following pages, Tenak offer:

Innovative racking systems:

  • Cardboard racks
  • Aluminium racks
  • ‘Side-up’ racks to use your freezer’s wasted space
  • Adjustable-shelf racks and
  • Custom-designed racks

Innovative boxes:

  • Origami flat-packed cryoboxes you can assemble in 30seconds Save space and save money
  • PP cryoboxes for 15 and 50mL centrifuge tube storage

Innovative tube racks:

  • Origami tube racks for 10, 15 and 50mL centrifuge tubes

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