The CURIOSIS Celloger® Pro revolutionises live cell imaging with its exceptional image quality, advanced features and empowers researchers by facilitating real-time cell monitoring within an incubator. Seamlessly observe and track your cellular dynamics without disrupting the natural growth environment. Additionally, this system’s dual fluorescence and bright-field microscopy allows simultaneous visualisation of multiple markers, while multi-point time-lapse imaging captures dynamic cellular events across various locations.

Key Features

  • Real-time cell monitoring inside an incubator
  • User-interchangeable objective lens options for versatile applications
  • Dual fluorescence microscopy and brightfield imaging
  • Multi-point time-lapse imaging to capture dynamic cellular events
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly tools

Real-time monitoring inside an incubator

Celloger® Pro facilitates real-time monitoring of cells within an incubator. Simply place the device inside the incubator and connect it to an external PC to remotely observe cells in real-time. Capture cell images on a schedule set by the researcher with the Celloger® Pro’s time lapse function. Easily convert these images into time lapse videos for dynamic visualisation.

User-interchangeable objective lens options

Customise your research with Celloger® Pro user-interchangeable objective lenses. Available options include 2X, 4X, and 10X objectives, giving users flexibility to switch between lenses by hand.

Dual fluorescence microscopy and brightfield imaging

Capture high-quality and high-resolution images with Celloger® Pro’s dual colour fluorescence and bright-field imaging capabilities. Analyse cellular dynamics with exceptional clarity and efficiency using Celloger® Pro’s enhanced scanning methods and innovative merging techniques which reduce scanning time.

Capturing images from multiple positions

Achieve precise research outcomes with Celloger® Pro, which automatically moves the integrated camera to image samples in multiple positions while keeping the vessel and sample fixed on a stage. This feature enables a stable environment for the cells, resulting in enhanced image quality.

Compatible with different vessel types

Experience unparalleled compatibility with Celloger® Pro, which accommodates different cell culture vessels such as well plates (up to 96 wells), flasks, dishes, and slides. Easily switch between them by simply replacing the vessel holders to meet your specific needs.

Unlock the application potential: Perfect for spheroid assay,neurite outgrowth, cytotoxicity, and scratch wound assays.

Discover the future of live cell imaging with the CURIOSIS Celloger® Pro today!

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