Perform spiral inoculations with the automated IUL Eddy Jet 2W Spiral Plater, a validated and proven spiral plating system which delivers accurate threefold dilutions on each plate. Spiral Plating Method validation ISO 7218/ AOAC 977.27/ FDA (BAM Ch.3). This spiral plater employs precise, patented cross-contamination-free technology to automate and standardise plate inoculations, unifying, diluting, and plating, streamlining the process.

The Eddy Jet 2W uses patented, sterile, single use Microsyringes, discarded after each inoculation, eliminating cross contamination, washing protocols, potential errors, and delivering consistent results. This Spiral Platter’s cutting-edge stepper microcontroller motor regulates the Microsyringe liquid dispensing and distribution pattern, based on user protocol.

Benefits to your microbiology laboratory include reducing the number of serial dilutions and petri dishes, reduction in inoculation and colony counting procedure time, reduction in cost per test and use of broader petri dish diameters. Beyond bacterial counts, the system supports antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) and mutagenicity tests. With no requirement for bleach disinfection users can proceed to incubation and colony counting.

The Eddy Jet 2W’s intuitive interface, 18cm colour touch screen, icons layout and custom protocol guides users to set up in just a few minutes. Plate traceability can be achieved through barcode reader, keyboard, and printer connectivity. It’s USB and Ethernet connectivity, further enhance its capabilities, enabling keyboard data entry and convenient upgrades. Eddy Jet 2W’s standout features include real sampling sterility, full validation, and superior mechanics driven by a stepper microcontroller motor, set it apart from competing technologies.

Agriculture, Environmental, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic microbiological laboratories benefit most from the use of a Spiral Plater for bacterial determination. With Eddy Jet 2W, microbiology laboratories can now reduce costs, streamline their operations, increase throughput, accuracy, reproducibility and enhance their testing capabilities.

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