The IUL PolyStainer Special Stains Slide Stainer sets new standards for efficiency and precision. Whether in haematology, histology, or microbiology this slide stainer is designed to enhance slide sample preparation and productivity in your laboratory. The PolyStainer capabilities span a wide range of staining procedures, across routine and special stains in haematology, histology, and microbiology.

IUL PolyStainer Special Stains slide stainer features:

  • One button initiates the staining process
  • Accommodates up to 20 microscope slides
  • Memory capacity of 10 programs, each with 10 different positions
  • Robotic arm handles movement and processing of slides
  • Four interchangeable wells. Fifth well for rinsing, ensures rinse water purity
  • Fan drying of slides with or without heat
  • Ideal for diverse staining procedures due to its programmability & short run time

Another standout feature is its unique design. The staining area is separate from the system’s electronics and mechanics, safeguarding them from oxidative reagents and stains, enhancing system durability. Moreover, the system prioritises cleanliness and precision, through staining protocol optimisation. By utilising the rinse drain, the PolyStainer prevents cross contamination, ensuring the integrity of the slide sample preparation process. Simultaneously, it expedites stain slide preparation by efficiently drying out slides, saving valuable time and resources.

With its walkaway solution and host of features designed to enhance special stain slide sample preparation procedures, the PolyStainer is an invaluable asset to haematology, histology,

and microbiology laboratories.

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