Would you like to measure real-time culture respiration in shake flasks?

The NEW Kuhner FlexCap enables shake flask connection to the Kuhner TOM online measurement system for real-time culture respiration measurement in shake flasks.

The FlexCap’s universal silicone adapter lid enables utilisation of diverse sizes and forms of shake flasks in the Kuhner TOM system to measure the O2 and CO2 transfer rates. Its design seals both smaller/narrow flasks (min. 25 mm inner diameter) and larger/wider flasks (max. 55 mm outer diameter), respectively, using the same universal lid. Cultivations in custom-made and baffled shake flasks are now accessible for online measurements with the NEW Kuhner FlexCap and Kuhner TOM system.

The FlexCap is reusable by autoclaving at temperatures up to 121°C without losing its mechanical performance and incorporates an extra port for external feeding and sampling in addition to the ports for air inlet and outlet.

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