Kuhner Orbital Shaken Bioreactor (OSB) SB2500-Z for Single-Use Bags with up to a 2500 litre Working Volume!

The next generation of manufacturing-scale orbital shaken bioreactor (OSB) SB2500-Z is now available for the cultivation of human, mammalian, plant, and insect cells in a single-use bag.

The SB2500-Z is perfectly suitable for GMP production processes with human (including stem cells), mammalian, plant, and insect cells. The gamma-irradiated single-use bags, manufactured by Kuhner partner Entegris, require no additional mixing devices, are cost-efficient, and easy to handle. This enables quick set-up times and eliminates elaborate cleaning and sterilizing procedures. The single-use bag has a working volume from 500-2500 litres and is therefore applicable for many different production processes. Various ports are incorporated to allow inoculation, feeding, sampling, pH regulation, and harvesting. Two optical sensors each for pH and for DO measurement are built in.

Customized bags are also available on request.

In addition, the SB2500-Z provides direct, fast, and trouble-free scale-up from μL scale up to 2500 litres working volume thanks to the consistent hydrodynamics of shaken bioreactors which provide reproducible cultivation conditions throughout the scaling process.

Follow this link SB2500-Z single-use bioreactor for details and video, or contact Capella Science directly on (02) 9575 7512 or email sales@capellascience.com.au