Capella Science are thrilled to announce the latest innovation in freezing technology, the Nordic Lab XLT U100 Freezer, a cutting-edge addition to Nordic Lab’s freezer range. This XLT U100 Freezer offers a remarkable operating temperature range from -25°C to -65°C, designed to cater to a multitude of applications.

Engineered with precision to meet the needs of various industries, the XLT U100 freezer finds its place in materials, food, agriculture, environmental, pharma and biotech, clinical research, pathology, fish industry, biobanking, IVF and clinical trials. Nordic Lab XLT U100 freezer capabilities extend to pre-freezing samples before entering -86°C or LN2 storage, expanding its utility.

Key Features of the New XLT U100 Freezer include:

  • Temperature range from -25°C to -65°C
  • Noise reduction design
  • Ergonomic round handle
  • Two port holes for temperature monitoring

This small upright freezer prioritises user-friendliness, optimal footprint, low power consumption, easy installation, and low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for both laboratory and industry use.

The New XLT U100 Freezer exemplifies Nordic Lab’s commitment to providing innovative, efficient, and adaptive solutions across a wide range of industries. For enquiries and more information, don’t hesitate to contact Capella Science directly on (02) 9575 7512 or email to discover the possibilities the New XLT U100 Freezer offers.