Capella Science are proud to introduce the NEW Bead Ruptor 24™ Bead Mill Homogeniser (19-070) from OMNI!

Designed with a fixed 2ml tube carriage, this powerful Bead Ruptor 24™ Bead Mill Homogeniser processes volumes from 200ul – 2ml tubes and is economically a cost-effective solution for 2ml tube users!

With speed settings of up to 6.5m/s, the NEW Bead Ruptor 24™ Bead Mill Homogeniser’s performance decreases processing time and reduces sample heating to maximise sample preparation efficiency. Compatible with the BEAD RUPTOR CRYO COOLING UNIT, it is ideal for a variety of applications including DNA/RNA extraction, tissue homogenisation, enzyme isolation and protein purification.

A range of 2 mL pre-filled bead mill tubes are available for different sample types to ensure your samples are consistently homogenised. From its programmable memory interface, multilingual user interface, and convenient front-loading design, this new OMNI Bead Ruptor 24™ Bead Mill Homogeniser optimises tube motion, reduces swirling, and offers the highest bead impact forces of any bead mill on the market.


  • Fixed, cost-effective 2 mL Tube Carriage for processing 24 tubes per cycle
  • Compatible with the Bead Ruptor Cryo Cooling Unit
  • Performance range up to 6.5 m/s in increments of 0.15 m/s for optimised tube motion
  • Programmable touchscreen interface saves programs
  • Run time from 1 second to 9:59 minutes
  • Processing volume from 200 μL to 2 mL
  • Locking safety lid
  • Convenient front-loading design

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FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY and not for use in diagnostic procedures.