Does your laboratory perform high throughput sample preparation on tissues, solids, and solid- liquid? Is it time consuming, staff intensive and impacting costs?

Would you like to automate sample homogenisation, drive efficiency, analyte recovery, data integrity and reduce manual errors and cost per sample?

If so, the NEW OMNI Prep 96 Automated Homogeniser is for you and this platform mimics manual homogenisation!


  • Small footprint: up to 96 samples batch processed simultaneously, using vertical & horizontal intra-tube movement at variable speeds
  • Process samples in 5ml, 14ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50 mL tubes
  • Volumes of between 250 μL and 40 mL and variable speeds between 500rpm – 28,000 rpm
  • Eliminate potential for cross contamination using 7 mm and 12 mm OMNI Tips™ Plastic Disposable Probes  
  • Methods created and customised using the intuitive OMNI Prep 96 software
  • OMNI Prep 96 Automated Homogeniser can be integrated with liquid handling systems
  • Patented Whisper Drive Technology™ brush-less motor delivers quiet processing

Reduce labour costs and increase automated value?

Use the OMNI Prep96 ROI CALCULATOR now to calculate the estimated savings you can expect from integrating the OMNI Prep96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation into your Laboratory!

Forensic Toxicology, Pharmaceutical, Drug development, Food, Environmental and Agricultural high throughput sample preparation applications benefit most from the use of New OMNI Prep 96 Automated Homogeniser. This technology accelerates efficiencies, accuracy and reproducibility enabling users to focus on results.

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