Capella Science are proud to partner with Nordic Labtech in offering the Termaks range of laboratory drying ovens, incubators, cooling incubators and environmental chambers in Australia.

Termaks Laboratory Drying Ovens

Fast drying, variable fan settings with high temperature stability and distribution.

  • Temperature range up to +250°C.
  • 4 models from 26 to 430 litres.
  • Forced air circulation for efficient drying and heating.
  • Automatic and programmable electrical air valve, safety thermostats and redundant system
  • Access ports for data logging. H14 HEPA filtration on inner air inlet version available.
  • Automatic safety thermostat, OLED display, PIN code and stackable.

Termaks Laboratory Incubators

Accurate and customisable ideal for incubating cultures at +37 °C and suit a variety of applications.

  • Temperature range up to +80 °C.
  • 4 models with volumes ranging from 25 to 420 litres. Choice with or without an inner glass door.
  • Forced air circulation for efficient drying and heating.
  • Features a decontamination process which can be activated through OLED display. Equipped with safety thermostats and redundant system. Keypad with PIN code, touch buttons, variable fan speed.
  • Access ports for data logging and external sensors.

Termaks Cooling Incubators

Extensive programmability and ramping options, with air circulation in the chamber via sophisticated ventilation technology. Rapid and accurate temperature control, fast recovery, and intelligent defrosting.

  • -9.9°C to + 70°C extended temperature range with variable speed fan.
  • 2 models with volumes 182L & 400L.
  • Forced air circulation, decontamination process, optional triple glass front window with cover.
  • Safety thermostats and redundant system, OLED display, keypad with PIN code
  • Designed for energy efficiency, interior volume to small footprint ratio, stackable kit available.

Termaks Environmental Chambers

Offers high performance for environmental, stability and climate applications. Powerful heating, cooling technology, energy efficiency and low noise. Designed for demanding pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and industrial applications.

  • -2°C to + 70°C Temperature range. Extensive humidity range 15-96 % RH.
  • Forced air circulation and air jacket. Light system, dual side (optional)
  • Available in 3 models each 400L. Accurate performance, real-time programming, high-quality, corrosion-resistant construction. Lockable castors
  • On demand refrigeration system turns on only when needed, reducing heat load. KB9400F model features heatless humidification system that reduces heat load and energy usage.
  • Intuitive programmable temperature, humidity & light ramps with easy to operate touch screen display enable high visibility.
  • The humidification and refrigeration system offers great capacity and reliability with air circulation and safety thermostats for maximum protection and reliability.
  • (IQ/OQ) documentation and service available.

Download the Termaks promotion here, learn more at Capella Science or Termaks.