Wasserlab is a Spanish company with more than 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing Water Purification Systems. Known for producing high quality Water Purification Systems and offering customisation options to meet specific user requirements, Wasserlab designs and manufactures the following Water Purification Systems; Ultra pure water (Type I), Pure water (Type II) and Osmotic water (Type III) for laboratories, hospitals, and industry. 

Wasserlab systems produce pure water by means of a sequential process combination, filtering, reverse osmosis, and resin deionisation in contrast to conventional distilled water. A Wasserlab unique feature is the use of pressurised storage tanks which result in a reduced number of consumables required.

The range of Wasserlab Water Purification Benchtop Systems include:

Type I (Ultrapure Water)

For laboratories that require the highest level of purity, Wasserlab’s Ultrapure Water Type I (Reagent grade) water is suitable for applications that demand highly pure reagents, as modern laboratory techniques require the detection of substances in increasingly lower concentrations.

Type II (Pure Water)

Pure Water Type II (Analytical grade) meet the requirements for laboratory techniques such as culture media and reagent preparation, as well as general analysis, ensuring reliability and consistent results in various laboratory applications.

Type III (Osmotic Water)

Osmotic Water Type III is suitable for cleaning processes or supplying laboratory equipment that does not require high quality water. This water is used when a lower level of purity is sufficient for the intended application.

Wasserlab’s reputation is based on its excellent quality-price ratio and efficient after-sales service. The water produced by Wasserlab’s Water Purification Systems meets the requirements of international standards such as ASTM D1193, NCCLS and ISO3696, ensuring compliance and reliability in laboratory applications. By offering a comprehensive range of water purifications systems, Wasserlab enables laboratories to obtain the precise water quality and production capacity they need for their specific applications.

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